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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

AP: Trinity Guardrail Passes "Most" Crash Test

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) A highway guardrail system has passed most of the crash tests financed by the state of Virginia.

But the chief engineer for Virginia’s Department of Transportation said in a memo to employees that one of the tests performed in a way that “could have serious consequences” for vehicle occupants.
Reports obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday show that the guardrails passed the four standard tests. But officials are raising concerns about one test designed to show what happens when the device is hit at an angle.

The state says it will soon begin replacing the devices on roadways where crashes could be more severe.

Trinity had called the state’s tests “questionable and unreliable” and accused Virginia of conducting the tests merely to support its lawsuit against the company.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Texas Trinity Guardrail Accident Results in Death

A Corpus Christie man ran his Nissan Altima in a Trinity Guardrail in Texas. He was transported to the hospital and later died. The guardrail reportedly pierced his car on Interstate 37 in late May.

KRIS TV in Texas did a report regarding the tragic accident and more information on these possibly defective Trinity Guardrails. You can watch that video below. Also visit our main website to learn how you can file a Trinity Guardrail Lawsuit at: http://defectiveguardraillawsuit.com/

KRISTV.com | Continuous News Coverage | Corpus Christi

Thursday, May 7, 2015

South Carolina Trinity Guardrail Investigation

Channel 5 in South Carolina has posted a news story regarding an investigative report into the possibly defective Trinity Guardrails. They report there are thousands of Trinity Guardrails in the state of South Carolina. The state that there have been over 3 thousand ET Plus Trinity Guardrails installed in South Carolina since 2010. There have been no installation of Trinity Guardrails in South Carolina since the investigation into Trinity and there has been over 10 Trinity Guardrail lawsuits filed nationally.

The Trinity Guardrails did pass 8 saftey tests "officially" in Texas early this year. However there is a report that the Department of Justice has started a criminal installation into the relationship between Trinity and the Highway association. Channel 5 interviewed Chris Gardner, who had a Trinity Guardrail accident in South Carolina and the guardrail entered his car. They also spoke to Leland Colvin, an engineer for SCDOT, who claimed that replacing Trinity Guardrails would cost the state of South Carolina $10 million dollars to replace these defective Trinity Guardrails. You can watch this investigative report into Trinity Guardrails below.

If you had an Trinity Guardrail accident in South Carolina you may be entitled to compensation. Click to learn how to file a South Carolina Trinity Guardrail lawsuit. Or contact the law firm of Brent Coon and Associates at 855-435-5839 to speak to a Trinity Guardrail lawyer right now. Every guardrail accident is different and each defective guardrail lawsuit should be treated as such. At Brent Coon and Associates we will review every aspect of your defective guardrail lawsuit and to try to ensure a maximum recovery.

 Click to read the Full Story by Channel 5 South Carolina on Trinity Guardrails.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

3 New Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits Filed

There have been 3 new Trinity Guardrail lawsuits filed over accidents and injuries that the plaintiffs say is due to possibly defective guardrails. A married couple in North Carolina has filed a lawsuit against Trinity Industries. They are claiming a guardrail pierced through their car during their accident. The man suffered a fractured fibula. The wife was bruised in the chest. Their Trinity guardrail accident occurred in 2011. A woman in Duluth Minnesota also has filed a defective guardrail lawsuit against trinity. She had an accident where she sliced her calf muscle in addition to fracturing her pelvis when the Trinity Guardrail reportedly went through the car. These are latest in a number of Trinity Guardrail lawsuits against Trinity.

For information on how to file a Trinity Guardrail lawsuit, visit the main section of our website.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Informational Website on Guardrail Lawsuit

There is a new informational website on the Trinity Guardrail lawsuits and pending litigation. It includes information on where Trinity Guardrails are located in Houston Texas. It also details the whistleblower lawsuit that found Trinity guardrails guilty of fraud. We will also be covering the results of the final Trinity Guardrail crash test whenever that information is released. It could cause a mass recall of all of the Trinity Guardrails throughout the United States. If you have been injured by a Trinity guardrail you may be entitled to compensation. So check out this new Trinity Guardrail website for additional information on how to file a lawsuit against Trinity for defective guardrails.

Click here to visit the new Trinity guardrail lawsuit website.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Florida Trinity Guardrail Lawsuits

Channel 6 in Florida recently posted an investigative piece regarding where the possibly defective guardrails are in Florida. They have created an innovative map where one can view where and how many of these possibly deadly. The news station is reporting that Florida has about 4 times more of the 4 inch defective guardrails in the state than they do the 5 inch "safe" guardrails". The Florida Department of Transportation conducted the audit that produced this information. In total, Florida has more than 1,500 of these 4 inch "defective" guardrails in the state of Florida. The state of Florida only has less than 400 of the 5 inch Trinity guardrails installed in the state. This information comes as we all await the results of the controversial 8th crash test which could make this entire point moot. The DOT in Florida invested tax payer dollars in researching where and how many of these defective guardrails could be in the state of Florida. FDOT workers had to count each of these guardrails by hand to track where these deadly guardrails are. There is an informational map indicating the totals of where these Trinity Guardrail lawsuits are by clicking this link.

If you have been injured by a Trinity Guardrail, contact our Guardrail accident attorneys at: to learn how to file a Trinity Guardrail Lawsuit. Visit our Trinity Guardrail Lawsuit Website for more information.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Illinois County Now Suing Trinity Guardraids

St. Clair County has now joined in the lawsuits against Trinity Industries on Monday. The county of St. Clair has filed a guardrail lawsuit against Trinity over these possibly defective and deadly guardrails. Macon County also joined this lawsuit which has been filed as a Trinity Guardrail Class Action lawsuit. These counties are suing for the cost that it would take for the state to find and replace all the Trinity guardrails throughout the entire state. Virginia is the only other state, currently, that has gone forth in suing Trinity guardrails for gross negligence in installing guardrails that were not designed as they were previously told. The cost of replacing these guardrails would be on the taxpayers of these states if Trinity is not held liable. For more information on these pending Trinity Guardrail lawsuits, visit our website at: http://defectiveguardraillawsuit.com/