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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Video: Government Asks for Trinity Crash Test Data

The Federal Government has asked the general public to send in Trinity Guardrail Crash data. They have set up an online portal where visitors can submit data about their accidents involving Trinity Guardrails. There have been multiple lawsuits filed against Trinity industries after a whistle blower revealed they may have covered up design changes in a cost cutting measure. Dave Jordan, Investigative Reporter of Channel 2 News in South Carolina filed a report on this public request for data. You can watch that story below. To view more information on the Government Trinity Accident Portal click here

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Missouri & Kanas Suspend Trinity Guardrails

Both Missouri and Kansas transportation departments have announced they have suspended installation of Trinity Guardrails. The Trinity Guardrails have been question in terms of safety that reported was disclosed to the government. There was a study conducted in Missouri that reported Trinity Guardrails are 4 times more likely to produce a fatality in an accident compared to other highway guardrails. There was a Trinity guardrail lawsuit filed in Missouri by family of a driver who was killed in an accident.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Federal Highway Administration Warns of Trinity Guardrail

The Federal Highway Administration has opened an internet portal where the public can report Trinity Guardrail accidents. The notice which will filed on Dec 24th reads in part:

The purpose of this notice is to request data and information regarding the ET-Plus guardrail end terminal (ET-Plus) manufactured by Trinity Industries, Inc. (Trinity). In 2005, the FHWA determined that ET-Plus guardrail end terminal met the relevant crash test criteria and therefore was eligible for Federal-aid highway funding. This fall, a jury issued a verdict that Trinity made a false or fraudulent claim to FHWA when it sought the eligibility determination for the ET-Plus. Additionally, a number of parties have raised concerns about the in-service performance of the ET-Plus and the potential variability in the dimensions of installed units of the ET-Plus. As a result, FHWA is undertaking a number of efforts to assess these issues. The FHWA is seeking technical information and data to assist in this work.

Read the Full notice here.

If you have been a victim in an accident involving a Trinity Guardrail, you may be entitled to compensation. Visit our main website to learn how you can file a Trinity Guardrail lawsuit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Trinity Guardrail Testing Controversy

There has been controversy over the method of testing by Trinity Industries. The whistle blower who won a lawsuit against Trinity is questioning how these tests are being instructed. Channel 6 news has a report on Joshua Harman's comments in a video. Lawsuits have been filed against Trinity around the country.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Deadly Houston Guardrail Accident

There was a deadly guardrail accident in Houston Texas over the weekend. On 288/59 interchange northbound a driver crashed into a guardrail. The guardrail speared into the vehicle and killed the driver. Investigators are trying to access what exactly happened and if this is possibly an issue with Trinity defective guardrails. Lawsuits have been filed around the country regarding defective Trinity Guardrails and re-testing of Trinity guardrails continue in Texas through Jan.

The early morning deadly guardrail crash backed up traffic in Houston for hours. Investigators cleared up traffic around 11am.

Read more about Guardrail Lawsuits and Accidents in Houston

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Atlanta Guardrail Accident Results in Death.

CBS in Atlanta is reporting there was an accident early on Friday morning. A driver was on Whitehall Street in Atlanta when the driver left the road and hit a guardrail. The Guardrail traveled into the car and impaled the driver. The driver was pronounced dead on the scene. There is no confirmation on what type of guardrail caused this fatality.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Information on Trinity Guardrail Testing Measurement Coming

Twitter posts indicate that new information on the measure process will be revealed regarding the Trinity Guardrail Crash Testing. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Trinity and now some are questioning the process of these new crash tests.

Questions Surround Trinity Guardrail Crash Tests

The 2nd Trinity Guardrail crash test was conducted on Tuesday in Texas. There are new questions in regards to the testing methods of the possibly deadly guardrails. Some are questioning if these are the exact same guardrails that are installed all over the country. The 2nd round of Trinity Guardrail tests were described as "unremarkable." The test was conducted by driving a pickup truck directly into the end of an ET-Plus guardrail. Critics argue that the truck should be driven a 5 degree angle to better replicate the experience of a normal car accident.

There are other critics that question if the guardrails were modified a 2nd time. The whistle blower who previously won a lawsuit against Trinity told Bloomberg News that Trinity has recently changed the design again without notifying the government. Trinity has denied this claim. It's been reported the Federal Highway Administration is investigating the exit gaps on the units being tested vs the guardrails on the roads. But if the guardrails being tested are not the same guardrail on the road, these Trinity guardrail crash tests prove very little and was a waste of time and tax payer dollars.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Video: Trinity Defective Guardrail Crash Test

Trinity Guardrail previously stated it would not allow video of it's new Guardrail Tests. Jace Larson is one of the media members allowed to view this controversial testing. He has posted video via YouTube of the 2nd Trinity Crash Test. You can view the video below.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trinity Guardrail 2nd Crash Test is Postponed

Weather has Postponed the 2nd round of Trinity Crash tests in Texas. The test of these controversial guardrails was scheduled to begin at 1pm on Thursday and will be rescheduled for Friday at around noon. The 1st round of Trinity crash tests was delay for nearly 3 hours on Wed. We are actively looking for reports on the Trinity Crash tests. Trinity originally did not allow the media to attend these crash tests, but later allowed 2 media members to watch but not record the saftey crash test. That was the 1 of 8 scheduled crash tests. There a critics to the methods of these safety crash tests as to if they will actually measure how safe or unsafe these possible defective guardrails are. The test conducted when a pickup truck crashed into a guardrail end an an angle. Trinity will not release the data from these tests until all testing is completed.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Live Tweeting: Trinity Guardrail Safety Tests

UPDATE: 2:00pm

After a 3 hour delay, the Trinity Guardrail Crash tests have finally begun.

UPDATE: 1:45pm CST

The Trinity Guardrail test has now been delayed two and a half hours and there is a possibility it will be postponed.

Trinity Industries changed it's mind and is allowing 2 members of the media to view the first round of critical Trinity Guardrail Testing. One of the members of the media is Houston Local 2 investigator Jace Larson. Mr Larson is live tweeting the Trinity Crash Tests at @jacelarson

Currently the Trinity Guardrail Testing is about an hour behind. There is apparently video of the pre-testing media session, which we will link to if available.

Trinity Guardrail Testing Begins Today: Video

Trinity Industries will begin testing on it's controversial guardrails after lawsuits have been filed around the country. The testing of the possibly defective guardrails will continue through January. Trinity has stated that it will not release any results until all the testing has been completed. This comes after Trinity lost a whistle blower lawsuit and were found guilt of fraud. Trinity changed the design of it's guardrails as a cost cutting measure. The change in design of the guardrails cause the product to spear cars when in a crash and injure and possibly kill the passengers. Watch the video below and to learn more about these critical series of Trinity Crash Tests, click here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Nashville Begins Removal of Trinity Guardrails

The Channel I-Team did an investigation into Trinity Defective Guardrails after learning of guardrail accidents in Nashville. A young man lost his legs after an accident involving a Trinity Guardrail. The replacement of the Trinity Guardrails will cost Davidson County approx $200,000. And the expect the Trinity Guardrails will be replaced in Nashville, TN about 2 weeks.

Nashville Begins Removal of Trinity Guardrails

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Media is Banned from Trinity Guardrail Test

Trinity Industries who is the manufacturer of the controversial ET-Plus guardrail end terminal stated they will not allow the media to view new safety crash tests of it's guardrails.These new Trinity Guardrail saftey tests are required after a whistle blower lawsuit resulted a verdict that Trinity defrauded the government with these defective guardrails and resulted in $175 million dollars in damages.

Trinity Guardrail Testing Closed to the Media
Trinity spokesman said that the "visual observation" does not conclude the outcome of the tests. There for it would "inappropriate" for the media to attend. Federal and State officials will be allowed to watch these new Trinity Crash Tests.

Read more about the Trinity Media Ban here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tennessee Woman Dies in Defective Guardrail Accident Video

A new special investigation report video was posted by the Local 8 news regarding a deadly guardrail accident where a woman was traveling on I-75 when she hit a guardrail, and flipped her car. She later died as a result of the accident. View the report on these deadly and defective Trinity Guardrails below:

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Indiana Is Not Banning Defective Guardrails

INDOT estimates that there are over 4,000 Trinity Guardrails currently in use in Indiana. 30 other states have restricted the use of Trinity Guardrails in some fashion. The state of Indiana has yet to find enough evidence to ban these dangerous defective guardrails that have been linked to serious injuries and in some cases death. Brent Coon is investigating lawsuits against Trinity for failing to inform the government of important changes to the design of the these guardrails.