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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Live Tweeting: Trinity Guardrail Safety Tests

UPDATE: 2:00pm

After a 3 hour delay, the Trinity Guardrail Crash tests have finally begun.

UPDATE: 1:45pm CST

The Trinity Guardrail test has now been delayed two and a half hours and there is a possibility it will be postponed.

Trinity Industries changed it's mind and is allowing 2 members of the media to view the first round of critical Trinity Guardrail Testing. One of the members of the media is Houston Local 2 investigator Jace Larson. Mr Larson is live tweeting the Trinity Crash Tests at @jacelarson

Currently the Trinity Guardrail Testing is about an hour behind. There is apparently video of the pre-testing media session, which we will link to if available.

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