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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Questions Surround Trinity Guardrail Crash Tests

The 2nd Trinity Guardrail crash test was conducted on Tuesday in Texas. There are new questions in regards to the testing methods of the possibly deadly guardrails. Some are questioning if these are the exact same guardrails that are installed all over the country. The 2nd round of Trinity Guardrail tests were described as "unremarkable." The test was conducted by driving a pickup truck directly into the end of an ET-Plus guardrail. Critics argue that the truck should be driven a 5 degree angle to better replicate the experience of a normal car accident.

There are other critics that question if the guardrails were modified a 2nd time. The whistle blower who previously won a lawsuit against Trinity told Bloomberg News that Trinity has recently changed the design again without notifying the government. Trinity has denied this claim. It's been reported the Federal Highway Administration is investigating the exit gaps on the units being tested vs the guardrails on the roads. But if the guardrails being tested are not the same guardrail on the road, these Trinity guardrail crash tests prove very little and was a waste of time and tax payer dollars.

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