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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Trinity Guardrail 2nd Crash Test is Postponed

Weather has Postponed the 2nd round of Trinity Crash tests in Texas. The test of these controversial guardrails was scheduled to begin at 1pm on Thursday and will be rescheduled for Friday at around noon. The 1st round of Trinity crash tests was delay for nearly 3 hours on Wed. We are actively looking for reports on the Trinity Crash tests. Trinity originally did not allow the media to attend these crash tests, but later allowed 2 media members to watch but not record the saftey crash test. That was the 1 of 8 scheduled crash tests. There a critics to the methods of these safety crash tests as to if they will actually measure how safe or unsafe these possible defective guardrails are. The test conducted when a pickup truck crashed into a guardrail end an an angle. Trinity will not release the data from these tests until all testing is completed.

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