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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Trinity Guardrail Testing Resumes

The 4th series of Trinity Guardrail tests resumed in Texas on Tues. This test is again under the controversial method of sending a truck at a guardrail directly into a Trinity Guardrail at over 60 miles per hour. It was reported that the truck had minimal damage and again did not spear the truck directly. According to an observer on the scene:

"The car was damaged slightly. From what we could tell, the entire front bumper -- or part of the front bumper, we weren't sure -- did come off the car,"

Last week the state of Texas stated that it would not install any new Trinity Guardrails until these crash tests were complete and the data reviewed. Texas was the 40th State to stop any new installs of the Trinity Guardrails. Trinity did not comment yet on the results of today's crash test.

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