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Monday, February 23, 2015

Illinois County Now Suing Trinity Guardraids

St. Clair County has now joined in the lawsuits against Trinity Industries on Monday. The county of St. Clair has filed a guardrail lawsuit against Trinity over these possibly defective and deadly guardrails. Macon County also joined this lawsuit which has been filed as a Trinity Guardrail Class Action lawsuit. These counties are suing for the cost that it would take for the state to find and replace all the Trinity guardrails throughout the entire state. Virginia is the only other state, currently, that has gone forth in suing Trinity guardrails for gross negligence in installing guardrails that were not designed as they were previously told. The cost of replacing these guardrails would be on the taxpayers of these states if Trinity is not held liable. For more information on these pending Trinity Guardrail lawsuits, visit our website at: http://defectiveguardraillawsuit.com/

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