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Thursday, May 7, 2015

South Carolina Trinity Guardrail Investigation

Channel 5 in South Carolina has posted a news story regarding an investigative report into the possibly defective Trinity Guardrails. They report there are thousands of Trinity Guardrails in the state of South Carolina. The state that there have been over 3 thousand ET Plus Trinity Guardrails installed in South Carolina since 2010. There have been no installation of Trinity Guardrails in South Carolina since the investigation into Trinity and there has been over 10 Trinity Guardrail lawsuits filed nationally.

The Trinity Guardrails did pass 8 saftey tests "officially" in Texas early this year. However there is a report that the Department of Justice has started a criminal installation into the relationship between Trinity and the Highway association. Channel 5 interviewed Chris Gardner, who had a Trinity Guardrail accident in South Carolina and the guardrail entered his car. They also spoke to Leland Colvin, an engineer for SCDOT, who claimed that replacing Trinity Guardrails would cost the state of South Carolina $10 million dollars to replace these defective Trinity Guardrails. You can watch this investigative report into Trinity Guardrails below.

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 Click to read the Full Story by Channel 5 South Carolina on Trinity Guardrails.