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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

WYFF News 4 Finds Majority of South Carolina New Guardrails are X-Lite

WYFF News 4 in Greenville has learned that a "majority" of new guardrails being installed in South Carolina are X-Lite guardrails. X-Lite guardrails have recently been the subject of personal injury lawsuits claiming the guardrails are defective and caused injuries and death. The WYFF investigation (similar to other investigations during the Trinity Guardrail Litigation) found that some states have no inventory of the X-Lite guardrails. Also, like Trinity litigation, some states don't know where they are located in case of replacement, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars to tax payers.

View the Full investigative report from WYFF Greensville on X-Lite Guardrails

Friday, February 2, 2018

Father of Daughter Killed in X-Lite Guardrail Accident Reaches out to POTUS

Steve Eimers's daughter was killed in a X-Lite Guardrail Accident. He created & paid for this message to President Trump. #HowManyMoreFHWA

Video Below: Click Play

Hanna Eimers was killed when impaled by a X-Lite guardrail in Tennessee. There have been reports of at least 11 deaths attributed to the defective X-Lite Guardrail.

There have already been a reported number of deaths due to X-Lite guardrails. There have also now been a handful of X-Lite Guardrails filed in the United States. The lawsuits allege that the X-Lite Guardrail was flawed by design, which were hidden to the public and not disclosed. Also named in the X-Lite lawsuits are the companies that installed the X-Lite guardrails, due to improper installation. Some what like the alleged Trinity Guardrail lawsuits, X-Lite guardrail lawsuits claim the defect causes metal from the guardrail to spear through a vehicle.

If you were or a loved one suffered injuries due to defective guardrail, visit our full website to learn how to file a X-Lite Guardrail Lawsuit.