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Friday, February 2, 2018

Father of Daughter Killed in X-Lite Guardrail Accident Reaches out to POTUS

Steve Eimers's daughter was killed in a X-Lite Guardrail Accident. He created & paid for this message to President Trump. #HowManyMoreFHWA

Video Below: Click Play

Hanna Eimers was killed when impaled by a X-Lite guardrail in Tennessee. There have been reports of at least 11 deaths attributed to the defective X-Lite Guardrail.

There have already been a reported number of deaths due to X-Lite guardrails. There have also now been a handful of X-Lite Guardrails filed in the United States. The lawsuits allege that the X-Lite Guardrail was flawed by design, which were hidden to the public and not disclosed. Also named in the X-Lite lawsuits are the companies that installed the X-Lite guardrails, due to improper installation. Some what like the alleged Trinity Guardrail lawsuits, X-Lite guardrail lawsuits claim the defect causes metal from the guardrail to spear through a vehicle.

If you were or a loved one suffered injuries due to defective guardrail, visit our full website to learn how to file a X-Lite Guardrail Lawsuit.

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